My name is Xenia, and I present my author’s project STOPFearS.

Having come a long way from traumatic events in my life, through neurosis, misdiagnosis, anxiety disorder and panic attacks, I have come across almost all kinds of fears.

I was afraid of death, illness, open spaces. I was afraid to make plans, make decisions, meet people, go out.

Every day was a struggle for me. The fight for life.

Today I can say:

YES, I fear. Everyday.




Without fear, we would never survive.

We are programmed to be afraid of what threatens the survival of our human species.

Unfortunately, the age of information technology has violated all systems, carefully tuned by evolution and nature. 

Boredom and an overabundance of information made us afraid of our own shadow.

EACH of us is afraid of something:

Death / life

Enclosed / open spaces

Lose weight / get better

Staying Alone / Be addicted

Fail / start a business

Lose / gain money

Perform in public

Get out of an unhealthy relationship

Lose loved ones

Get sick




And the fact that somewhere there is a duck watching you (anatideaphobia)

And yet, we are afraid to BE OURSELVES:

Laugh when we want

Cry when the heart breaks to pieces

Say NO and regret

Say YES and regret even more, afraid not to cope

Declare love

Ask to leave us or leave by ourselves

Defend our position

Any thoughts and emotions

All that makes us unique












Any fears, from mild anxiety to the strongest phobia, spoil our lives.

Living in fear is difficult. TO LIVE, not to exist.

To do this, you need to accept your fear, "take it's hand" and move on. Understand - why do you need it, and begin to do, despite the fact that it is scary (sometimes, it seems, to death).

And most importantly, to LIVE means to be HAPPY!


The goal of the project #IFearbutILive, is to help people like me, who go through anxiety or panic disorders, suffer from phobias or fears, as well as to everyone who suffers from any psychological problems.

We bring together everyone who needs help and those who can help with advice, experience, support.

I want as many people as possible to say:


* Our project is not medical and is not approved by healthcare. At the same time, we do not advocate the abandonment of medicine and ask not to consider this project a panacea, but to turn to specialists for help in time.

We're different.

But everyone is valued.

I am bigger than my fear

The project aims at work out of fear, anxiety, panic disorders and other psychological problems.

Any questions?

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E-mail: strahovnet.com@gmail.com

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