It's no secret that heathy diet* can improve physical health.

But more recently, scientists began to study the effect of eating habits on human mental health.

In one study, scientists from Australia recruited 76 participants and divided them into 2 groups: the first group received a free grocery basket, recommendations for proper nutrition and a promise to pay $ 60 if the participant can adhere to the recommended rules regarding the diet.

The second group received nothing.

Before and after the study, tests were conducted for the presence and degree of depression, anxiety disorders, and general mood.

The results showed that participants who adhere to proper diet improved their performance in all tests, while the control group data remained unchanged.

Despite the fact that this study was conducted on students, and therefore scientists cannot guarantee that the result may be relevant for all other demographic groups, we hope that scientists will pay more attention to this study and conduct a number of similar tests with a more wide selection .

And, of course, eating healthy is good in any case.

* This refers to a healthy diet recommended by healthcare, and not a public health promotion advocated on social networks

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